Publications and Seminar Presentations

      Firm members are available for presentations on any of the topics covered in the treatises, journal articles, newsletters, white papers and seminar presentations listed below. Please contact the firm to discuss your group’s interests and available dates.

      Copies of the journal articles, newsletters, white papers and seminar presentations listed below are available from the firm for free. Hard cover treatises, such as Connecticut Trial Practice and the Products Liability Practice Guide, are available at the author’s cost.

Treatises, Journal Articles and Newletters

R.B. Yules, Connecticut Trial Practice, Second Edition, West Group (2001, updated annually);

R.B. Yules, editor, Motor Carrier Liability Report, Yules & Yules, LLC, newsletter, 1990 to present;

R.B. Yules, editor, New York & Connecticut Verdict Report, Yules & Yules, LLC, newsletter, 1990 to present;

R. B. Yules & C.W.S. Rowan, “Insurance Bad Faith Litigation, A Primer,” 67 Connecticut Bar Journal 380 (1993);

R.B. Yules, Chapter 7 “Types of Defects,” in Products Liability Practice Guide, Matthew Bender & Co., Inc. (1988);

R.B. Yules & J.R. FitzGerald, Connecticut Trial Practice, West Publishing Company (1987);

R.B. Yules, “Human-Factors Experts in Products Liability Litigation,” 9 Journal of Products Liability, 103-132 (1986);

R.B. Yules, “Asserting Legal Defenses in a Products Liability Case,” 8 Journal of Products Liability, 190-221 (1985);

R. B. Yules, “Defenses in a Connecticut Products Liability Case,” 57 Connecticut Bar Journal 441 (1982);

R.B. Yules, “An Analysis of Connecticut’s New Product Liability Law,” 56 Connecticut Bar Journal 269 (1982); and

R.B. Yules, The Connecticut Insurance Law Review - An Annual Review of Laws Affecting the Property/Casualty and Workers’ Compensation Insurance
Industry in Connecticut, 1981 to 1994.


Legal Malpractice

R.B. Yules & C. Platt, “No Elevated Standard for Connecticut Attorneys in Vexatious Litigation Suits,” Yules & Yules white paper, July 2009;

R.B. Yules & C. Platt, “Avoiding Liability by Documenting the Attorney-Client Relationship,” Yules & Yules white paper, December 2009;

Medical Negligence

R.B. Yules & C. Platt, “Connecticut Courts Follow Growing Trend Holding Hospitals Liable for Negligence of Non-Employee Doctors,” Yules & Yules white paper;

Transportation Law

R.B. Yules, “Should A Motor Carrier Remove A State Court Case To Federal Court?” Yules & Yules white paper, August 2007 & April 2009;

R.B. Yules, “Neck and Back Injuries Under New York’s No-Fault Law, A Primer For Claims Persons,” Yules & Yules white paper, April 2001;

R.B. Yules & C. Platt, “Vehicle Renting and Leasing Companies Immune From Vicarious Liability,” Yules & Yules white paper, March 2010;

R.B. Yules & C. Platt, “Regulations on Maximum Work Hours for Truck Drivers May Be Forced To Change Once Again,” Yules & Yules white paper, December 2009;

R.B. Yules & C. Platt, “Roadability Rule Creates Requirements for Intermodal Equipment Providers and Operators,” Yules & Yules white paper;

R.B. Yules & C. Platt, “Employers Retain Tax Loop Hole for Misclassification of Independent Contractors,” Yules & Yules white paper;

R.B. Yules & C. Platt, “Event Data Records in Motor Vehicles Create Privacy Dilemmas,” Yules & Yules white paper;

Seminar Presentations by Robert B. Yules

Faculty Member, American Trucking Association’s Forum for Motor Carrier General Counsels, July 26-29, 2009, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Faculty Member, 39th Transportation Law Institute, sponsored by American Bar Association, Transportation Lawyers Association & University of Denver Sturm College of Law, Denver, Colorado, October 27, 2006;

Faculty Member, Trucking Industry Defense Association’s Thirteenth Annual Industry Seminar, Las Vegas, Nevada, October 5-7, 2005;

Faculty Member, Health Industry Manufacturers Association’s Fifth Annual Seminar on Health Care Product Liability Claims, June 16-19, 1992, Kauai, Hawaii;

Faculty Member, American Bar Association’s National Institute on Medical Malpractice, April 4-6, 1991, Charleston, South Carolina;

Guest Lecturer, Southern Connecticut Chapter of the Society of CPCU, on Products Liability, January 18, 1989, Trumbull, CT, March 20, 1991, Trumbull, CT; and May 10, 2001, Bridgeport, CT;

Faculty Member, Defense Research Institute’s Seminar on Insurance Claims Supervision, September 20-21, 1989, Hartford, Connecticut;

Guest Lecturer, Connecticut Insurance Marketing Association, April 21, 1989, Berlin, Connecticut;

Faculty Member, New England Dermatological Society, Inc.’s Annual Didactic Meeting on Medical Negligence, January 23, 1988, Springfield, Massachusetts;

Guest Lecturer, Risk and Insurance Management Society, Inc., Connecticut Valley Chapter, on Products Liability, October 21, 1987; Chairman & Faculty Member, University of Bridgeport Law School;

Seminar on Connecticut’s New Tort Reform Act, November 22, 1986, Bridgeport, Connecticut;

Faculty Member, Defense Trial Counsel of West Virginia’s Annual Seminar, September 6-7, 1985, Morgantown, West Virginia;

Faculty Member, Defense Research Institute’s Seminar on Products Liability, March 14-15, 1985, San Diego, California;

Faculty Member, Southern Methodist University’s Sixth Annual Symposium on Products Liability, February 21-22, 1985, Houston, Texas;

Faculty Member, Defense Research Institute’s Seminar on Products Liability, April 12-13, 1984, Atlanta, Georgia;

Co-Chairman & Faculty Member, University of Bridgeport Law School’s Seminar on Products Liability in Connecticut, November 5, 1983;

Faculty Member, Connecticut Bar Association’s Seminar on Advance Products Liability Litigation, May 20, 1983; and

Guest Lecturer, Claim Managers’ Councils in Connecticut, Annual Insurance Law