Reported Decisions

Reported Appellate Cases of Herman Yules

Tralli v. Triple X Stores, Inc., 19 Conn. Sup. 293 (1954)
(an early products liability case based in negligence for a defective tire).

Reported Appellate Cases of Robert B. Yules

AMICA Mutual Insurance Co. v. Brown, 37 Conn. Sup. 618, 430 A.2d 1317  (1981)
(insurer entitled to reimbursement of no-fault benefits in motor vehicle case settlement);

England v. England, 184 Conn. 85, 440 A.2d 790 (1981) (prejudgment remedy of garnishment of bank funds);

Standard Tallow Corporation v. Jowdy, 190 Conn. 48, 495 A.2d 503 (1983) (prejudgment remedy of attachment of real estate);

Burkert v. Petrol Plus of Naugatuck, Inc., 5 Conn. App. 1, 510 A.2d 462 1027 (1985) (prejudgment remedy of attachment of real estate);

Ryan v. Mill River Country Club, Inc., 8 Conn. App. 1, 510 A.2d 462 (1986) (defective golf cart, basis for 66 ALR 4th 662 Annotation, “Liability for Injury Incurred in Operation of Power Golf Cart”);

Dexler v. Tisch, 660 F. Supp. 1418 (D. Conn., 1987) (claim for reasonable accommodation for person with achondroplastic dwarfism under the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended);

Winslow v. Lewis-Shepard, Inc., 212 Conn. 462, 562 A.2d 517 (1989) (defective forklift, exclusivity of product liability act);

Desmarais v. Dow Corning Corp., 712 F. Supp. 13 (D. Conn., 1989) (defective medical device, federal preemption and learned intermediary doctrines);

Burkert v. Petrol Plus of Naugatuck, Inc., 216 Conn. 65, 579 A.2d 26 (1990) (defective transmission fluid, basis for 90 ALR 4th 981 Annotation, “Trademark
Licensor’s Liability for Injury or Death Allegedly Due to Defect in Licensed Product”);

Winslow v. Lewis-Shepard, Inc., 216 Conn. 533, 582 A.2d 1174 (1990) (workers’ compensation, intervention by employer);


Debbie Ahern, Admin. of Estate of John A. Ahern v. David A. Moskovitz, M.D., 2 Conn. L. Reptr. 471 (1990) (wrongful death for psychiatric medical malpractice, reasonableness of bill of costs); and,

Josef W. Tyc v. Calabrese Construction Co., et al, 1 Conn. Ops., 85 (January 23, 1995) (workers’ compensation, inclusion of overtime wages in computation of benefits).