Trials, Alternative Dispute Resolution, and Appeals


     Since 1650, Connecticut has embraced trial by jury as the preferred method of resolving civil disputes. It wasn’t until 1987 that there was published treatise on Connecticut trial procedure to aid the bench and bar on jury trials, from jury selection to post verdict motions. In that year, West Publishing Company published the 600 page treatise entitled Connecticut Trial Practice co-authored by Robert B. Yules and John R. FitzGerald. Subsequently in calendar year 2000, Mr. Yules authored Connecticut Trial Practice, Second Edition, again published by West, the largest legal publisher in the United States. 

      As most lawsuits involve going to court, you can rest assured that your interests will be well represented by Yules & Yules. As the co-author of the first edition and sole author of the second edition of Connecticut Trial Practice, Mr. Yules is uniquely positioned to represent your interests in a jury trial.


     Yules & Yules advocates resolving cases by alternative dispute resolution (ADR), i.e., by binding arbitration or voluntary mediation. As trial by jury is time consuming, costly and unpredictable in outcome, ADR is a welcomed alternative for many clients. ADR provides a means by which parties to a lawsuit can resolve their case in a predictable and expeditious manner.


      Yules & Yules has successfully handled a number of appeals before the Connecticut Supreme Court. Of late, we have found it economical to associate with a firm that handles only appellate work. As trial counsel, we prepare the appeal brief with input from our associate firm and have them advise as to appellate deadlines and procedures.